D20 GM Multi-tool

As I mention on the main page, this isn't an extremely useful prgram. Even so, I end up referencing it once in a while as GM, and thought it might be helpful for some of you. Here's a short description of the functionality of each tab.


This uses my own crafting system, because I thought it was stupid that it takes ridiculously long to craft anything. My system isn't based on cost, but rather on my own estimates of how long it would take to make things.

To use, choose a category of item, enter the crafter's skill in the applicable crafting category, and mark whether the material is masterwork or made of a special material (as these will make crafting more difficult and/or take longer). If it is a metal item, you can mark whether or not the person has already made a mold for casting, in which case the process will be faster. For some categories, this option makes no difference.

Next, click "Calculate Time" and the program should give you an estimate based on the parameters you've entered. Good or bad rolls could result in a longer or shorter process, though.

Now, choose how long you want to work per roll (usually a day or a week) and hit work! It will roll and tell you the result, and keep track of progress as long as the program is open.

Once that item is done, click "New Item" to clean the slate for the next one.


This tool is useful for rolling Appraise checks secretly.

To use, enter the item's real value in the Value box. Enter the appraiser's skill in "Skill level." If the item is magical but the player doesn't know that, you can enter what it would be worth were it mundane in the "Non-magical Value" box. If the player already knows it's magical, you can check that box to prevent a super-stupid appraisal. Click "Appraise" and you're done!

Craft (d20)

This tool is similar to the first crafting tab, but uses the official crafting system.

Fill in all of the boxes (except Total Remaining, which should only be used if the crafting is already in progress). Hit "Craft!" to roll once for the time period you've specified. The program will keep track of your progress as long as it's open.

Shop Prices

This is a little tool to determine npc's buying and selling rates based on the player's charisma and the npc's attitude towards him/her. It also provides a "final offer" value, intended to be the absolute best deal the npc is willing to give, if haggled down/up. There are a couple of editable parameters:

Min sell: This is the minimum selling price the npc will give, as a percentage of the item's value. Default is 87%.

Max buy: This is the maximum buying price the npc will give, as a percentage of the item's value. Default is 63%.

Var +/-: This determines the level of randomness in the resulting values, expressed as a percentage. Default is 4%.

Overall, the program is somewhat useful but needs a little bit of tweaking. I hope you find it helpful anyway!