Welcome to RPG-tools.net. I am an independent developer working on several free utilities to streamline and improve the tabletop gaming experience. Although my programs are still in development, I've found them extremely useful in my own gaming sessions, so I've decided to share them with the rest of the community.

While coding and gaming are some of my hobbies, I am mainly a composer, educator, and recording artist. Check out some of my work here.

Here are my game-related projects:

Pathfinder to 5E bestiary conversions

I wrote a simple program to convert basic features of Pathfinder monsters for use in DnD 5th edition. Of course, many Pathfinder monsters are complex, and my program can't take all of their intricacies into account. Therefore, these stat blocks should be used as guidelines, and with plenty of GM discretion. That said, I think they should be very helpful for GMs who are frustrated with the relatively small bestiary available in 5e.

Converted stat blocks

This is a nice Windows utility for managing your Pathfinder characters. It is a lightweight but highly featured character sheet manager, including smart databases of magic items, feats, and spells. It also features weight and emcumbrance calculation, knows the basic features of most classes, and has a built-in character journal. It is somewhat rules-savvy, and includes all sorts of additional features. I have used it as GM and player, and it has made my life much easier. It still has bugs that need squashing, so I'm releasing it as an alpha. Check out its documentation for more information, and to see what it can do.

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This is a convenient, lightweight die roller for Windows. I use it all the time. It features a viewable and exportable history so you can review recent results if necessary. It also optionally keeps track of how many of your rolls are above or below average, so you can see if you've had a lucky day. This die roller is bundled with the Pathfinder Character Manager, and can be easily launched from within that program, even if you don't download it separately.

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Pathfinder Treasure Generator

This is a lightweight but powerful treasure roller. It is closely based on the official treasure tables, but with some new gems and jewelry pieces to provide interest. It can roll single items, entire hoards, or items of a single type. Very helpful as GM. Is it better than other treasure rollers? I don't know, but I prefer it for its simple elegance and quick responsiveness.

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Pathfinder Multi-Tool

You probably don't want this. I only use it rarely myself. I use it to keep track of crafting (both the built in system, and one of my own design) and to secretly generate results for Appraise checks. I'm posting it just in case it might prove useful to you.

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Minecraft? What's that doing here?

I've also written a couple of odd utilities for use with Minecraft. Check them out, if you're interested. They're available on the downloads page.

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