Pathfinder Treasure Generator

This is a convenient, fast treasure roller for Pathfinder. It could be used for other D20-based fantasy games as well, I suppose. Here are some of its features.

Apology in advance: my design for this UI kinda sucks. Oh well, it does its job. I'll go through each option.


Number box: this is a little confusing (back to the UI being rubbish). Whatever button you press, the generator will roll a number of times equal to the value in this box. So, if you set this to 6 and hit "Hoard," it'll generate six complete treasure hoards for the challenge rating you've specified in the CR box.

Force Magic checkbox: as long as you haven't selected "Mundane" in the Quality box, or clicked on an item type that can't be magical, this will force the treasure roller to find a magical item of whatever category you click.

Single Item Generation:

Single button: this rolls on the treasure tables to get a single item of a random sort, based on the parameters you've specified.

Specific type buttons: pretty self-explanatory, these will roll an item of whatever type the button specifies, and according to your parameters.

Hoard Generation:

Hoard button: this rolls a standard hoard of treasure appropriate to an average on-level encounter based on the CR and advancement speed you provide.

Items, Gems, and Coins buttons: if you'd like to generate only items, only gems/jewelry, or only coins for a hoard, you can use these buttons. The drop-down options box will let you specify whether you just want names of gems, or more colorful descriptions of jewelry pieces.

Everything Else:

Arcane and Divine buttons: these roll random spells of a particular level. This is very useful for generating spellbooks.

File menu: you can save your result log to a text file. This is useful for keeping track of exactly which items you've given your players, and what they're worth.

Super secret extra feature: Shh! Don't tell anyone. If you expand the window downward, you'll find an additional little window that logs the exact rolls made on each treasure table so you can see how the program got each result. This is nice if you're curious, or if you're using the program in concert with the actual published tables.

Add to Log button: This doesn't do anything yet. Or does it?